Port Calabar

Calabar Port is a General Cargo/Container Port/Multi-Purpose Port

Situated on the right bank of the Calabar River, 36 NM from the FWB

The three Terminals of Calabar Port are operated by world class Terminal Operators; namely: ECM Terminal Ltd, INTELS Nigeria Ltd and Shoreline Logistics Nigeria Limited.

Calabar Port operates on “first come, first serve basis”.

No night navigation on the Calabar River.

First Pilot is boarding at FWB

Second Pilot is boarding at Parrot Island

Inner Anchorage (Close to Navy Beechroft) is very Safe- Inner Anchorage is usually utilized to await berth and beat competition. Distance to Berth is 45mins only.

Time required for inward movement from FWB is about 4-5 hours, depending on speed and pilot availability.

FWB to Berth is 15nm. (93km)

Pilot will come to vessel with Marine Police Escort Boat. Pilot Details and call sign usually communicated by Agents.

ISPS level at Calabar- Level 1

Tidal Info- M.H.W.S- 3.048m, M.H.W.N-2.652m, M.L.W.N-1.036m,M.S.L-1.951m

Admiralty charts- BA 3433, BA 3434

Lat 4° 58′ N  |  Long 8° 19′ E

Water Density: 1.018

Calabar Port is a Tidal Port

Draft along River to Port: – 6.4m

Draft Alongside: INTELS -7m; ECM-10m

Permissible LOA: 180m and up to 190m

Pilot is compulsory for vessels exceeding 20 meter LOA and/or exceeding 50 GRT

Calabar port operates with 12 hour pilotage service (06:00h – 18:00h)