Port Onne

Onne Port Complex situated on the Bonny River Estuary along Ogu Creek.

The Port is one of the largest Oil and Gas Free Zone in the world supporting exploration.

Supports General Cargo and Container Bussiness.

The Free Zone provides a logistics Oil Service centre for the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria both Onshore and Offshore. It also provides easy access to the entire West African and Sub-Sahara Oil fields.

On arrival at Bonny FWB, vessel is to report arrival to Bonny Signal Station and to obtain Green Light to proceed inwards on the channel to Bonny Town.

From FWB to the Bonny River Onne Port entrance is 2hours, while from the entrance to the Port itself is another 2 hours- total transit time from FWB to Berth is approx 4.5 hours.

Port is also on Security level 1

Private Tugs are available – agents making arrangements for these Tug Boats

As per Latest NTM attached – Permissible Draft: INTELS FLT- 9.7m; BRAWAL- 7.7m, INTELS FOT-10.6m; INDORAMA- 10.6; WACT-10.6m, NOTORE- 7.7m

Permissible LOA: 150m (Port is flexible with LOA’s, can take more than 150m overlapping other Berths

Tidal Info- M.H.W.S-2.530m,M.H.W.N-2.134m,M.L.W.S-0.183m,M.L.W.N-0.732m,M.S.L-1.463m

Note: At Bonny River leading up to Onne Port during the 3 hour before the High Water, the Low Tide does not exceed 1 foot.

Admiralty chart 1863

Terminals Operating in Onne are: INTELS FOT and FLT Terminals, BRAWAL, INDORAMA (Urea) , WACT (Container Terminal) and NOTORE (Urea)

Onne Port is Situated 21.5 NM from the FWB up the Bonny Estuary

Lat 4° 39′ N  |  Long 5° 41′ E

Water density: 1.009-1.016

Pilot is compulsory for vessels exceeding 500 GRT

Onne port operates with 12 hour pilotage service (06:00h – 18:00h). The last inward pilotage is 4 PM (1600hrs) and the last outward pilotage is at 2 PM (1400hrs).